Martin Berg

About Me

I started my career at Northern Electronics Automation INC (NEA) while I was still in high school.  I worked on a variety of electronic assembly machines: solder applicators, screen printers, wave solders, and reflow ovens. While working at NEA I began to establish my eye for detail and quality, which I still have and try to improve every day. My duties at NEA included phone support, installation, training, field service, debugging, repairing, and rebuilding equipment.

Between my first and second stints with NEA, I worked for a local company called Benchmark International INC where I learned how to build wire harnesses, build electrical cabinets from schematics, and build mechanical assemblies.

At JPSA Laser, now IPG Photonics Microsystems Division, I participated in almost all aspects of the machine build including, but not limited to: wiring panels and harnesses, running harnesses, debugging, installing software, and calibration. I then moved into their applications lab and ran machines for customers who chose to use us to process their parts, and for customers that purchased a machine from us for final testing and acceptance. I also tested software updates and wrote small applications to help assist making setup time faster.

At McClellan Automation Systems I wired large panels both inside and to the machine itself. I was responsible for the initial powering up, debugging, and calibration of the machine. I traveled along with the machine for installation, training, and/or service. I installed the software for the PLC, HMI, and any additional automated components that might have required some sort of configuration. I also became proficient in diagnosing and rectifying code problems for PLC, HMI, and robots. I assisted the software development team by creating and testing portions of code, testing the full code, and then suggesting recommendations for change.

Through my many roles, I have learned to be adaptive and resourceful without losing quality and integrity in my work.